What did Buddha do after all? He closed his eyes, under a banyan tree, to ponder and shape his thoughts on the very society he lived in. Well Buddha found enlightenment! But what do we get when we are confined to a solitary moment – WE THINK, FROM THE PAST, PRESENT TO THE FUTURE, and yes when we do so, we are totally human!  Ever wondered what those little moments of time mean, when you are silently meditating over your actions and probably thinking and may be sometimes not at all thinking of a way out to your problems. Well that is the time you talk to your conscience. You awaken all your repressed emotions – which may be that of a philosopher in you. Yet what you make out of those solitary moments in your life is a matter of choice! 

A friend who has cheated ….words that have hurt ….words that were left unspoken….things that you could do…..well all somewhere affect you indeed but thinking of them every time, in the end you realize  that all you were thinking of …is LIFE!  The troubles of your own life would seem so trivial, when we take a glimpse of the world outside. As I was walking past 7 in the evening , taking a stroll on the busy Delhi road, preoccupied with the thoughts in my mind, I came across a man, winding up his goods as it was about to drizzle. Taking a closer view of his commodities on sale, I was surprised to see the irony of this man’s life! The goods that he sold were pictures and portraits of gods and goddesses of the Hindu mythology, and that too on the pavement of a busy road! Well yes that’s not an uncommon thing to see, but to realize how ironical it is that a man who is trying to “sell god” to the pedestrians, is paid no heed to!

How strange is this life to understand where on one hand we have someone trying to establish the faith of people in the almighty, by giving them portraits to worship. While on the other hand is that very world which leaves such a man un- noticed! The greater irony exists in the fact that we blindly believe in the priests at the temple, who suggests a way out of our earthly problems as we feast the Brahmins who never instill a belief in us that “faith in the almighty is supreme”. It is absurd to see this role reversal enacted by a priest in the temple and a seller at the street! On one hand we have a priest who tricks us with the weirdest suggestions to get rid of a trouble, on the other we have a layman trying to help us remember the creator, every time we see his picture.

Even worst is the life of the people living the roles of a priest and a road-seller, where the former lives in all luxury for misleading people, while the latter lives in perpetual poverty for earning a living with a noble cause! This is the irony of life, which compels you to realize that there are indeed greater sufferings than yours. So whenever you get some solitary moment to analyse life, make the most of it, and bring a change by giving up the dogmas. I just tried to change one!