We all have that one person in our life who can provide us with immense strength and also rejuvenate our dormant senses. That person in most of the cases is a mother, and it would be in no vain to claim that, it is her, with whom we can connect manifolds more than anyone else. Bearing us in her womb for nine months she naturally develops that love and affection for us. We breathe what she breathes, consume what she eats, it is a deep rooted connection which we develop right in her womb!

No matter who abandons us in our lives, she is someone who would never let us fall, because she is constantly thinking of our ‘climb.’ Ever experienced the warmth of her hands, in the coldest of winters, in the midst of miseries of your life, well, it is beyond words because it can only be sensed, a feeling that’s divine, and THAT IS HER HEALING TOUCH!

Remember the school days, when you used to return home; fatigued while you tell her of your days’ whereabouts, she caressed your hands – healing your tired body – that’s her power. Why is it only she can sense your troubled minds and without your even telling, how she gives a remedy to all your troubles. That is the time when all you need to do is give her a hug and make her realize, the importance of her in your life! Life is too short to return to her all that she has provided you with but even these small gestures would do to keep her going- because she expects no more!

That is the beauty of a woman, who lives to give and expect nothing in return, if you respond to her love with these small gestures she is victorious in life. Her family is her strength and her children are her pride and all she expects is love and respect. I could go on and on because words are too less to define a mother, so I would sum up my feelings here together:

Having left the school days and my home town,

Living in a distant town

I realize how gravely I miss that touch of yours –

Which could heal away all this chaos,

In the midst of a summer day,

After returning from an eventful day,

How I miss her presence in a place far away.

How every little thing I wish to tell her,

But cannot even make a gesture,

Because all I can do, is make a single phone call,

Just to realize, the tears rolling down,

When all I wish to say:

I miss you more each day,

How I am waiting to get back home, to feel your your touch once more!