Photos: The Charms of Bolpur Shantiniketan

The stringed ektara is being plucked by the bauls all around you. The strings resonate a sense of peace within & without bearing testimony to the name; Shantiniketan. The red soil makes this land look so unique under the sun, it’s almost unreal. While the lazy air tramples upon you with the mystic songs of the wind, even before the early sunset the houses here will light themselves up to let you sink into the celebrations. Here’s for you a taste of the celebrated “poush mela” of West Bengal, held every year in the month of December. Let’s take you back to the days when “Mela” was not just a fair, but the life of a place. The charms of Shantiniketan (Bolpur) are endless and poush mela was just one of the reasons!


Between the flowers & the arch lies this Brahm Mandir


The study of light & shadows at Vishwa Bharti Unversity, Shantiniketan


Bottled the charms of handecrafts & handwork

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