Campus - N.I.M copy
Campus, Nehru Institute of Mountaineering

Decisiveness does not always foretell your ability to make wise calls. Sometimes indecisiveness may also lead to reaching a step closer to your destination. The drag of life had hit me, deep inside – nothing was moving forward! The forgotten existentialism almost touched me, when I signed up for a mountaineering course at the much coveted, Nehru Institute of Mountaineering.  I do belong to a family of avid mountaineers – fearless & restless. But for me, life was comfortable, only sometimes nudging me out of my comfort zone. So this course was an ice breaker for the soul.

Pine Bowl - N.I.M copy
N.I.M Campus @ Pine Bowl

October was still a distant thought & for me, I was just counting days & months. Preparation was only limited to 3 – 4 Kms run per day & a month long Pilates class, apparently for the mind & body. Before I submitted my form for the course, I sincerely did a medical check – up, for the sedentary desk job I performed more religiously than actually taking care of my body. The reports diagnosed weak bone strength & lack of Vitamin D. It was a huge impediment when I had just thought of a mountaineering course. However, I persisted. Lack of stamina while running was sometimes too apparent, making it all the more discouraging. But, I continued to keep a check on my strength & opted for a trek to Valley of Flowers & Hem Kund Sahib @ 5,000 mt. Only to disappoint myself further, as the steep ascend at Hemkund made it just worst. NO, I wasn’t medically unfit, it was sheer lack of an active lifestyle, while I was ironically working for an Adventure Travel company.

A Mountaineer’s Town - Uttarkashi
A Mountaineer’s Town – Uttarkashi

My father, a huge source of inspiration, who had completed both his Basic & Advance courses from the same Institute kept the words of encouragement flowing. While for me, I just had this rush to be in the mountains. Having skipped the rigorous work out I kept moving towards just one goal – an escape to the mountains.  Indecisiveness you see, works you out in itself. The fact hit me hard when the actual training at NIM on October 19th confronted MY DILEMMA of “Will I be able to make it to the end?.”

So did I make it?