Travellers’ Postcard


Begin Again – As I close one chapter of my life working for a travel company for the last 2.5 years, I unknowingly acquired a traveller’s spirit. To preserve those beautiful memories I minted, here are my postcards for you folks to preserve them in your diaries, or use them as an age-old practice of writing handwritten letters and post them to your dear ones.
In all these years of travelling I visited many post offices in the Himalayas and wondered if they could be alive again. The thought of sticking a stamp to the postcard, then holding it close till I deposit it to the postman & silently watching it get a stamp on, in order to be posted by the man behind the counter, gives so much happiness. The small joy of writing & remembring someone through words! The idea of sharing that sense of nostalgia about the present, is a practice of the heart. And believe me, it will be the most cherished gesture! Grab a piece of your heart here. Find what makes you, You!

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