For me to catch a glimpse of the snow-capped peaks is not the end in itself, rather a means to jerk off the monotony of daily existence, facilitating a quick departure.  Although, it would not be correct to say, leaving the daily monotony will help you to indulge in exciting adventures (with a deterrent like winters in mountains) yet, let’s not forget the warmth even in those chilly winds!

A time of severe sloth can also bring about, abundant energy once you decide to step out, to make a claim on the dreary winters. In winters nature is at its best while most of the animals are in hibernation this is also a time to witness the beauteous forms of nature and life of a mountain inhabitant. Driving yourself into the local culture you might as well embrace their way of living, when after the days toil, the inhabitants are driven back to their lodges to retreat into a cup of tea!

Winter and mountains are those inseparable delights for a traveller who is readily seeking to venture out, amidst harshness of winter. Believing that what beholds for him in the future is the enveloping force of a mountain, calling to embrace you into its depths! Winters would be the best time to bask in the glory of the sunlight spread in the mountains, which is warm enough to keep you charged all day long. So just brace yourself up to face the chilly winds and test your limits beyond your comfort zones! Travel to the mountains to experience the unknown within your own self.