There is something about art, which is liberating & embracing all at once! I often wonder about existence of art being practiced in the small towns we inhabit. But rarely do we know that there is an explosion of art in the smaller townships as well! One such thought was debunked when I met, Mr. Satpal Gandhi.

His fine label called “Upcycle” ,unravelled a whole new world! I would cease writing, because the pictures will do the talking now:


Such Elegance! Even in a disposed piece of Bottle. Well! That’s the beauty of an artist!


Fancy? Eh. !! Oh just look at that beauty behind… The play of red & white in the beautiful Lamp!


A Candle Stand & A Lamp – ALL AT ONCE! Mr. Gandhi has explored all possibilities of “UPCYLCLE”.


The Man of The Hour: Mr. Gandhi in one of his Creative modes! Presenting, “The Workshop” as he calls it.


Well Take A bOw! – Here are the Ingredients to his Art!


And presenting Mr. Satpal Gandhi, a man of fine tastes, A bird watcher, a crafter, a photographer & an artist, making each moment of his life a beautiful piece of art!

Some Glimpses from his creation: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle: @ ‘UPCYCLE’.

Where to find Him?

Dehradun , Uttarakhand.

Why to Find Him?

Just a Grab a piece of his creation for your home & add some panache to your home decor! Or simply gift a loved one, a customised piece of Art!

How to find him?

Simply write to him at: